Company Euroconsulting carries out book-keeping maintenance of enterprises in Ukraine and Germany.    

Clear organization of record-keeping, making of tax policy which will allow to simplify an account and in a maximal degree to use possibilities of optimization of taxation, is fixed in basis of our work.

 For many there is a not secret, that choice of methods of extra charge depreciation, writing of commodity supplies, systems of taxation straight influences on the size of the paid taxes. But as practice shows, many these methods are not simply used, by reason of lack of information, and sometimes simply the specialists of enterprise do not have time on organization and introductions of new methods in a record-keeping.

 We can offer complete book-keeping maintenance of enterprises, on which an account and accounting will be carried out our specialists, providing of consulting services and drafting of reports, that supposes a presence on the enterprise of accountant, registration and systematization of primary document (European system of conduct of record-keeping) enters in the duty of which only, and also implementation of valid for one occasion works for organizations of record-keeping, writing and verbal consultations on a record-keeping and taxation.




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