Legal frameworks of an audit activity in Ukraine are determined by Law of Ukraine  «About an audit activity» from April, 22, 1993 #3125-XII (with changes and additions. 

Audit is verification of public accounting control, account, primary documents and other information on financially-economic activity of subjects of management with the purpose of determination of authenticity of their accounting, account, its plenitude and accordance a current legislation and set norms.

For enterprises there is confirmation of accounting an independent public accountant conclusion, will allow to occupy a more vantage-ground on a roar will simplify mutual relations with tax organs, custom, jars, public institutions, and recommendations of public accountants on results verification will help you to conduct the business more safely and effectively, to optimize an account and taxation.

For investors the leadthrough of independent public accountant verification will allow to minimize the risks of investing, get objective information for making decision about realization of investments is acquisition of actions, by a stake, creation of joint ventures.

Our company gives services in form public accountant verifications (audit) and examinations related to him, consultations on questions of record-keeping, accounting, taxation, analysis of financially-economic activity and other types of the economy-legal providing of entrepreneurial activity of physical and legal persons.

In composition a consulting company "Euroconsulting" from 1997 an affiliated enterprise works is LTD. the Auditing firm "South Bug" (Certificate about bringing in Register of subjects of public accountant activity ¹1849 –. Decision of the public Accountant chamber of Ukraine from February, 23, 2001 ¹99).

Among our clients middle and large enterprises in the different cities of Ukraine (Kiev, Vinnitsa, Lviv, Donetsk) and abroad, some of them - the Oil company «Alliance Dnestr», OJSC of «Vinnitsaoblenergo», OJSC of «Vinnitsamilk», OJSC of «Ukrenergokhimizolyaciya», «Valrom» (Romania), LTD. «SMS of Medias» (Russia), firm V és T plusz Kft (Hungary).

Our specialists are public accountants with long-term experience in the field of audit and judicial book-keeping examinations in optimum terms will execute the necessary you volumes of works in accordance with national and international standards.



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