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The company “Euroconsulting” has been working on ukrainian consulting market since 2003. We started our activities from fulfilling representational functions of the German company TWL Contrado LLC. In six years we have built a multiple areas consulting company. It provides international and leading Ukrainian enterprises with professional consulting services in the field of investment, legal, tax and marketing.  
The experience of our specialists that consult enterprises realising investment and foreign economic activity, is based on comprehensive knowledge and experience of complex decision-making related to entry on Ukrainian and foreign markets, optimization and protection of business, search for capital and investment objects.

Mission of the company

Our mission is to facilitate development of our clients through professional and complex consulting approaches. The goal of the company is to solve problems in the field of investment and extension on foreign markets with maximum efficiency, which no other company is able to provide.             

 Work with our clients

Our company employs 22 professionals. It comprises an audit company and an evaluating company, the company also employs licensed specialists in the field of arbitration.  

The managing partner of the company is Sergey Desyak. Sergey has higher economic education. Since 1998 he has been realizing professional activities in the field of accounting, business planning and corporate law in Ukraine and in Germany. Sergey is a licensed arbitral manager (License # 456301). Since 2003 Sergey fulfils the position of the managing partner in Euroconsulting, and since 2006 he is the Vice–President of the Association “Private Investors of Ukraine».

The main office of the company is located in Vinnytsia. In 2005 a legal department was created in Kyiv; the company has regional partners in Odessa, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Lviv, Chernihiv and St Petersburg.  

The representation of Euroconsulting abroad is realised by the company TWL Contrado LLC (Germany).  

Our services

The company Euroconsulting offers a great range of services in the following fields:

    Organization of project financing, development of business-plans, creation, expansion and financial recovery of enterprises; such services to investors as selection and analyses of investment projects, operations with commercial real estate and land.
    Registration of enterprises and representations in Ukraine and in Germany, consulting in the fields of corporate and tax legislation, M&A, legal assistance in operations with real estate and land.
    Providing accounting and audit of tax and accounting, consultations on taxation in Ukraine and in Germany.

    Marketing researches, complex analysis of market, development of marketing strategies, assistantship in selecting partners in the CIS and Germany Internet-marketing.  

Field specialization  

The work of company`s specialists organized on a particular branch principle, that allows to consider specific problems and opportunities typical for markets, in which your company works.  

Our constant staff of professionals have specialized knowledge and experience required in the following sectors:

  • Trade and distribution
  • Construction and real estate
  • Industrial production and production of consumer products
  • Agricultural and industrial complex, food industry
  • Pharmacology and medicine
  • Media and Internet
  • Energy and efficient use of resources

  • Community activities

    Providing professional consulting services on the national and international markets, Euroconsulting takes an active part in formation of direct investment infrastructure. We are co-organizers the annual Forum of private investors of Ukraine and we are strategic partner of the association “Private Investors of Ukraine.”

    Euroconsulting organizes and conducts different seminars and conferences concerning investment and foreign economic activity in Ukraine and abroad. Our specialists are invited in the capacity of lecturers to conferences initiated by other companies and organisations.

    Thus, we improve business community, that facilitates economic growth and improvement of investment climate in Ukraine, formation of an innovative economic model, prosperity of the national business and harmonious development of the society.



  • Company registration in Ukraine
  • Representative offices registration in Ukraine
  • Company registration in Germany
  • Legal consultation

    Accounting and audit

  • Accounting
  • Audit
  • Taxation consultation
  • Taxation of Ukraine


  • Services for investors
  • Business planning
  • Bringing in of investments
  • Commercial real estate


  • Search for the partner
  • Marketing services



    Business ideas: Western, Eastern and Central Europe (Russian)

    The real estate: Ukraine, Russia, Germany (Russian)


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