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Ńompany «Euroconsulting» has been specializing on legal and consulting support of registration of foreign representative offices and enterprises with a foreign capital in Ukraine. 

Our specialists will render you complex services in registration of representative offices of non-resident in Ukraine, and also will provide legal accompaniment of activity of representative offices of non-resident on territory of Ukraine:.

  •  registration of representative offices of non-resident is in Ministry of economy of Ukraine; 

  • plugging in the Single state register of enterprises and organizations of Ukraine;   raising on an account in the organs of government tax services;

  • registration in funds (pension fund of Ukraine, Fund of social security after the temporal loss of ability to work, Fund of obligatory state social security of Ukraine in case of unemployment, Fund of social security from industrial accidents and professional diseases of Ukraine);

  • other legal formalities

Also a company Euroconsulting renders services in registration legal enterprises according to Ukrainian legislation, conducting accounting of the company, allocation of equipped office / secretary services of a company, receipt of licenses, necessary for companies` activity according to Ukrainian legislation.

Status of representative office of foreign company allows to get the row of additional tax and custom deductions, and also to use additional advantages for work at the Ukrainian market.

In contrast to creation of enterprises with 100% foreign capital, there is not a necessity to form the chartered capital. As representative offices of non-resident haven`t got status of legal enterprieses, they can not independently come forward a plaintiff (a defendant) in an arbitration court. Additional advantage of registration representative offices is absence of necessity receipt of permission on employment of non-resident in Ukraine



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