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Frequently answer for a question - "Where to inlay a money?" it is late and as a result of den'gi, despite the laws of economy, lie a dead load, and the most brilliant ideas are not found by realization or realized other. 

Without regard to the enormous amount of competitors of financing, it is enough unsimple to find good projects for investing. 

A company "Euroconsulting" works only with companies, having the real chances and potential on long, serious growth at the market and does not offer the projects of doubtful quality and incompetent managers.  The specialists of our company for you are take away competitive projects from point of attractiveness and prospects of development of separate segments of market and territories. We dispose vast information on investment suggestions in Ukraine, Russia and other countries of near and distant foreignness. 

We invite private investors (business-angels) and traditional venture investors to the collaboration, such as venture funds, corporate venture investors and other

 For the beginning of collaboration you must fill a questionnaire in which your requirements are specified to the projects. Your personal information under no circumstances is not passed to the third persons without a receipt on it of your consent. All given information of company Euroconsulting or also carries confidential character its partners (about projects and their promoters).

 Registration as an investor gives a right on our database access and possibility of receipt of information about new projects.




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